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CODEandU for Life

CODE(Consensus On Drug Ethic) for Life is a verbal and signed declaration by an individual, that he or she does not want to become dependent on drugs and is willing to rely on their family, friends, employers and government to prevent him or her from becoming addicted to drugs. If the declarer does use drugs hence breaking the declaration then he or she may need to be involved in a systematic form of treatment that is standardized nationwide.


The declaration is made when the person is of sound mind and body able to make informed decisions on their future. The person signs and dates a standardized CODE for Life form, waiving their rights to look after their own health and their finances; when it is deemed by professionals in the medical field that he or she is unable to make rational decisions because of drug dependency. He or she puts their faith in the trustee or trustees named on their CODE for Life form to make crucial decisions that could affect their well-being.

CODE could be adopted by a family unit where ur family members are ur trustees.

Such a declaration needs to be supported by a unified approach by government, its citizens and employers who work together to help prevent drug dependency by:

{1} Promoting CODE for Life at all levels of government, on job sites and by various advertising forms that emphasise the socio- economic importance of such an edict.

{2} Ensuring there is a standardized means that identifies drug dependency.

{3} Ensuring there is adequate treatment facilities; counselling and prescription medicine and/or herbal medicine available to combat drug dependency.

{4} Protecting the jobs of their employees who have become addicted. Their job protection should be up to a certain standard that is universally accepted across country; as long as the resources are available. It is up to the employer if they want to exceed that standard.

{5} Taking part in the CODE program ur status should be linked to ur driver license. This way the police are obligated to contact ur trustees. Such a link would help the CODE member to get help when needed. Getting help when needed could enable the person to get his drug problem resolved. This help could: (a) Protect the individual from future health problems.(b) Make the individual become less of a problem for law enforcement in the future. (c) Improve their chances of being able to do their job. (d) Help the individual do better in interpersonal relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

{6}Ensuring that if anyone is felt to breach their CODE then they must be screened within 2 hours to detect what substance or substances they are abusing. If needed their trustee(s) starts looking after their affairs until they are deemed to be able to make wise decisions; that aren't being influenced by addiction.


CODE and its Promotion

There can be no better way to promote a drug free life; than to have CODE for Life ingrained into our culture. The value of such a program should be taught at schools; as soon as our educational institutions feel it is appropriate to talk to our students about drugs. Once the students are taught about the various types of drugs and their harmful effects; they should be fully introduced to CODE for Life. By this time these students should be aware that CODE exists and it could easily become as socially accepted as M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers).

We believe that it would be wise for a picture to be taken of the person signing the CODE and the other participants to promote future good will, for the participants and whoever sees the picture.

CodeandU Financing

Our financing will probably be arranged by the philanthropist(s) who will be chosen after they contact us via the GET INVOLVED button.

Our philanthropist(s) could consider this- CodeandU can have a business plan and then go to corporations, governments, the top 10 billionaires (see, other wealthy people, foundations, and other potential sources. Sources like MADD, organizations that deal with addictions, Police Departments, recovered drug users, and by starting up a charity. Anyone or anything that supports us would be highly regarded.

The people above may or may not support andUandU...They are just examples of people that could have benefited from CODEandU if it existed, if they were having drug problems.

There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.


Make a statement and protect

urself from future drug use.

Let the people U trust represent U,

when you are mentally unable.

Consensus on drug ethics